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I am Faraz Ahmad. An Indian by birth. An Engineer by profession. A robotics maniac, Traveler and a Gourmet- all in a package of 5 feet 5 inch... Know more about me with this website.

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I was named Faraz soon after my birth. Ahmad was inherited and so I became- Faraz Ahmad. Twenty three years later my Graduation in Engineering and Technology gave me a prefix and I became Er. Faraz Ahmad but people started calling this until Twenty fifth year, when I got recruited as an Executive Engineer at a Government PSU. Though I have been given several names but I prefer Er. Faraz Ahmad as the best one!

I was born in the summers of 1990 and if sources are to believed, I share my birth date with Adolf Hitler. Many a times I have seen realized this connection when I am really frustrated. Primary education from Agra made Taj Mahal just another piece of stone for me (highly uninteresting). Senior Secondary Schooling was from Aligarh Muslim University where the culture speaks for itself, where even mute has a way of communicating in decency. Cultures of Nawab and Royalty from Britain seems to have amalgamated in this place. So, this is what I am now- an Alig. Then four year of B.Tech. just polished the "Alig in Me".

Then after I went to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, as a Research Assistant in a Robotics Project. This was a place and the time when I learned that we need to do a lot to compete with the world. Here, I learned over cups of Cappuccino and Mocha and left with a confidence. Soon, I was absorbed